Monday, November 16, 2009

Plez help my bottom teeth hurt!!?

ok i dont eat very much sugar, but the bottom of my teeth hurt, im 14 years old!! im scard wat do i do plez, and dont say go to the dentist, i cant because my mom cant afford and no rude comments plez!!

Plez help my bottom teeth hurt!!?
im not sure at all but try a pill that is fast acting if you cant affor that look on google and find some ways to fix it, at home :) i hope you feell better or il be sad :0 smile
Reply:No! Follow my advice. Find a free dental clinic in your community. Pills and drugs will only mask your problems and make them worse! Report It

Reply:Have your mom or school counselor look into FREE dental clinics in your community.

Since you are still a kid your family just may qualify for free or LOW COST dental care for you and your siblings.

There is no reason for you to suffer from dental disease. There is help out there for you.

If you tell us where you live (State) perhaps someone can point you in the right direction.

A good starting place to look would be your county health department.
Reply:try brushing your teeth at least 4 times a day..And don't eat cold food and then one second later hot food. Because that might be one of the reasons... Also u can visit ure local dentist..(if u have one) lol..good luck

hi revi..u thought i didnt knoow where ut not that dumb!!!

plz pik me as best answer!!
Reply:your molers in your bottom row could be comming in or you could have a cavity. but if the pain is really severe then try the nerest free clinic they some times have free dental clinics as well. if not try over the conter oragel too ease the pain and try too take care of your teeth. best of luck
Reply:You could try Sensodine toothpaste, which helps when your teeth are achy.

Also, try Orajel.

For now, rinse with warm salt water.

If this pain continues, you will have to see a dentist. You don't want to lose your teeth.
Reply:Clove oil is the best home remedy for toothaches. Even dentists use it. I found the information at useful
Reply:take IB or tylenol and use peroxide four times a day use it like mouth wash It will kill the grems and also you can use a mixture of hot salt water a few times a day this helps me also. if your gumes have like a pimple on them then get a needle and steralize it have hot salt water or peroxide ready and poke the pimple like thing and then push the fluid out and rinse with the salt water or peroxide. also it helps to wiggle the tooth a little sometimes and ambasol numing gel will help to it like a buck at walmart good luck. you can use peroxide like mouth wash and use it everytime you brush your teeth and soak your tooth brush in it to kill the grems and get a new tooth brush every month all this will help from getting more tooth aches and sould help the one you have now. if it get to bad go to the ER in my state they cant put medical bills on your credit report if you don't pay them but I live in Texas

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  1. im 14 years old to nd. im having the same bottom teeth are hurting really bad they've been hurting for like a week now nd. i dont know whats wrong {so painful} but im going to see a dentist..


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