Monday, November 16, 2009

Dentists/Dental Hygienists HELP, my teeth hurt?

I am griding my teeth at night and my teeth hurt so bad. I guess they are sensitive. The sensitive paste hasn't been helping that much but I haven't been using it for that long either. What is the best brand of sensitive toothpaste? Is Aquafresh sensitive ok, or is Colgate sensitive the liquid in the bottle better??

Dentists/Dental Hygienists HELP, my teeth hurt?
You need to get a mouth guard to help protect your teeth from the grinding. I have a problem with grinding at night, too (especially when I am stressed) and my dentist suggested getting a mouth guard like the ones football players wear. You dunk it in hot water to make it soft and pliable and then bite into it so it molds to your teeth.
Reply:You should get a night guard and a popular toothpaste that helps relieve sensitivity is sensodyne
Reply:Grinding of ones teeth is actually a persons way of alleviating stress. If you continue, you will have headaches among other complications due to the grinding, not to mention it will wear down your teeth. Get some counseling or find ways to decrease your stress level. Find some therapuetic ways to calm yourself daily. Until you can find out how to do that. Get a mouth guard to at least help. Other options can include using a soft bristle tooth brush . A sensitivity protection toothpaste usually takes several weeks to ease pain. Follow the instructions of your dental professional on the regular use of sensitivity protection toothpaste to keep pain from returning. They do have a flouride rinse that can be recommended by your dentist. Feel free to call your denstist about what kind would be best to try.

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