Monday, November 16, 2009

The gums on both sides of my canine teeth hurt when I brush them?

The gums just above my upper canine teeth hurt pretty bad when I brush them, and they tend to bleed - is this a sign of gingivitis and what can I do?

The gums on both sides of my canine teeth hurt when I brush them?
Bleeding is a bad sign. See a dentist.
Reply:use Sensodyne-see a dentist.
Reply:stop brushing them, it is over-rated anyway
Reply:it could be - just keep scrubbing them - in circular motion. It may have been that you have just missed that area in the last few days.

Have a good look though you may have scrubbed too hard and grazed you gum
Reply:Is it tender to the touch? Meaning soft and swollen? Is it more darker red than other gums. If you press it and it hurts ALOT, then you should see your dentist or gum specialist. What is probably happening is that there are bacteria living at the root of your tooth invading your gum, this is cause by tar build-ups. If you don't clean it (by dental tools, not just brushing), it will get worst and pus will form, causing inflammation. Bacteria can cause the bone to go away, causing the root of the tooth unstable, thus gingivitis. For now, keep rinsing with listerine to kill as much bacteria as you can. Find a dentist and they can take x-rays to see how bad the situation is. Normally, it is just a tar build up and bacteria is growing more and more. A deep cleaning session plus antibiotics will cure it. Do not wait, act now because the pain later is worst if pus formed.

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