Saturday, November 14, 2009

Should my gums and teeth hurt like this still?!?

I got my wisdom teeth out last Wednesday. Over the weekend I had a really bad salty taste in my mouth and some more pain which led me to believe that I had an infection. Today though, the taste isn't really there anymore, but now I feel like my gums are reallllllly swollen. It feels as if something is poking into my cheeks, but all I feel up there is my gums. My other teeth also seem to hurt, I don't know whats goin!! haha

it's not seirous pain its just annoying and discomforting

Should my gums and teeth hurt like this still?!?
Did you get all of them taken out at once? It could just be some leftover, splintered bits of tooth working their way out. When you had the salty taste in your mouth, were you bleeding at the time?

I've had quite a few dental abscesses (infections) before, and they hurt continuously, and they hurt BAD. Did your dentist put you on any antibiotics? They generally only do so if you're in one of the "at risk" groups (as in, if you've had endocarditis before, or have a heart problem, etc).

For the swelling, you can try taking ibuprofen. Ibuprofen acts specifically on inflammation, so it should help. You can safely take anywhere from 200mg's - 800mg's, but start out with a low dose, then work your way up as needed. Your dentist should have given you a prescription for some pain medicine, like tylenol with codeine, or vicodin.

If it's still bothering you a lot at this point, you may just want to call your dentist, and ask him/her about it.

Hope you feel better soon. ;o)
Reply:i just got mine extracted two weeks ago. its just some discomfort and i felt like i had gums hanging on the side of my tooth. the pain to your other tooth may just be some sensitivity. usually they make u go back to the office for a follow up. if your really worried just call them and tell them ur concern
Reply:Yeah. Wisdom teeth removal takes a little while to return to normal. Not even a week yet..I would say, if it gets worse, go to a doctor/dentist right away. If it still seems to be not getting much better by this friday for sure, give your dentist a call..he may have left some surgical insrtuments in your gums

Reply:Remember to flush them with a syringe or eye dropper type thing. Food can get crammed in there. I had an entire hot dog lodged in there once.
Reply:Changes in taste sensation can be caused by painkillers/antibotics or just having had your teeth pulled, but should return to normal, if your still worried in a week go back to have them looked at. In the meantime, perfectly normal. Part of your other teeth hurting is so many nerves are affected when you have any tooth pulled it can seem like other teeth hurting when it's just the one nerve being sensitive.Like how kids pull at thier ears when they are teething. Don't be poking or sticking anything in your gums/sockets because it will make it worse and more likey to be infected. Also if you smoke anything it takes much longer for your gums to heal. The best idea so far would to make sure you take all your meds and follow your dentists aftercare instructions on brushing and any rinising,if you use a rinse becareful not to rip your stiching/sockets more, more like tilt your head and let it get where it gets by itself. you still shouldn't use straws or eat a lot of food that has to be chewed really well or anything like chips. Always stay up on your pain it's easier to prevent than treat once it's full blown, the same goes for inflamation, so if you've stepped down on an anti-inflamtory thinking it's all better, don't. Some peoples teeth also just take longer to heal or have more complications than others for no real fault on the persons behalf. Pain can tend to come and go based on what you eat/drink , so see if you can find any connection. It takes awhile for your teeth to heal and it's just annoying while they do it.

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