Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why is it when you have a cold it makes your teeth hurt?

I dont know if its necessarily a cold, maybe a sinus infection, but something, but my sinuses are stopped up, my nose is running, i have a cough and sneeze, and every time this happens to me (usually every winter) my teeth really hurt. Whats the reason for this?

Why is it when you have a cold it makes your teeth hurt?
Your sinus are so swollen that they are literally pushing on the roots of your teeth.

For some reason, my bottom teeth hurt at the same time as my top, but this makes no logical sense to me.

Here is a link concerning it

Most times I just grin and bare it, pop pain relievers and periodically ask someone to shoot me.
Reply:The pressure in your head from the congestion puts pressure on your gums.
Reply:that's a really good head cold . Go and see your doctor for some Antibiotics for you . Then you feel better
Reply:dont know
Reply:It is because your sinuses are connected to the back of your throat, through your ears and head. The sinus pressure from your head and throat affect your jaws, so therefore, your teeth will hurt because of it.
Reply:I think it has to do with your sinuses but I'm no doctor.
Reply:I get the same thing, and I think it's because pressure in the sinus cavities pushes on nerves that connect to the teeth.
Reply:I don't believe this happens to everyone. It's a side affect that you get unfortunately when you are ill. However, I doubt seriously that you are alone. We all have our own little set backs. To feel secure though you should look up information on the internet. You never know.
Reply:Aww, poor baby.

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