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I got braces on 3 months ago as an adult and my teeth hurt all the time is this normal?

Orthodontist is highly recommended. He put a new kind of wire on my bottom teeth that make them move faster but they hurt all the time. My top teeth have the ceramic braces and they are not so bad. Anyone with same issues?

I got braces on 3 months ago as an adult and my teeth hurt all the time is this normal?
Yes, unfortuately it is pretty normal for them to hurt. I survived 4 long years of braces and hated every minute of it but in the end, you will be very happy that your teeth are straight. If the pain is like EXCRUCIATING, then you should probably talk to your orthodontist about it but yes, there is usually some pain involved with braces.
Reply:uh yeah. thats normmal.
Reply:it shouldnt hurt all the time maybe you should talk to your orthadontix about that but you should fell pressure b/c of the movement of the teeth and when you eat fot the first couple of weeks you are goingt to feel pain and be uncomfortable but it well pass with time
Reply:Unfortunately, yes.
Reply:I think it is, but just in case, talk to your orthodontist.
Reply:seems that he has really tightened them up to speed the straightening process, if they are really bugging you, you will have to have them loosened,but only slightly as they won't work. look ahead to your lovley pearly whites. good luck
Reply:yes it is normal. About the time it starts feeling better they will need tighten and you have to go through the same discomfort again. It gets better when you teeth get used to it. If you have severe swelling then you need to let your dentist be aware.
Reply:That new wire probably is the problem. Anytime they tighten the wires it hurts until the teeth move into position. The pain should be less a few days after your appointment then when the orthodontist readjusts them they will hurt again. Remember you have to move the teeth, the ones that have been in that spot for a long time. Be patient, take some Motrin and the result when finished is great.
Reply:Moving your teeth to a new position will hurt some. Moving them faster will cause them to hurt more.

Try taking tylenol or ibuprofen to help with the pain.
Reply:It stops hurting after a while once you get used to them.
Reply:Oh yeah it is normal all right, now i am only 14 but i have had braces for 2 1/2 years! For the months they will hurt every time u get your bands and wires changed. After that your teeth become more accustomed to changeing and moving so it wont hurt as much, but they will hurt again when they make big movments. Then when you get rubber bands the hurt like hell, but only for the first month or so. All in all it is a short term pain for long term relief! I hope to get mine off this summer! after 2 1/2 years i am SO ready for it! And hopefully soonger than 2 1/2 years your smile will also be PERFECT! good luck!
Reply:I've had braces, and this is COMPLETELY normal. The pain will eventually wear off within days. You may feel throbbing. You may be able to sense your pulse through your gums. You should feel pain each time your brackets are tightened, or if you have invisalign, you will feel more pain when you switch to a new set. Stock up on Jello, mashed potatoes, and Advil. You're going to need it!!! BTW, NEVER QUIT WEARING YOUR RETAINER! YOU WILL REGRET IT!
Reply:if you get braces as adults then it will hurt more because of how everything stops growing after a teen. Your stuck unless you really use force to move those teeth! Now whenever my doctor tightens my braces they start to hurt in about 1 hour. it hurt so much i didn't feel like eating for 3 weeks. I had to chew the food very slow and drink a lot of fluids to make me full. if it's too tight and you feel sick or if it still hurting after a couple of weeks then talk to your orthodontist.
Reply:never had them myself,

nut could have use a few

from what I've heard that is most often the case

for you are trying to move bone into new positions

I remember once a young fellow that was a co-worker of my wife

he talked about the subject quite thoroughly

I had a daughter that was coming due for then, but this kid talked about the great kid %26amp; how he would never do it to his kid no matter how bad the teeth

that I let it go

not sure if she ever forgave me

had it done years later as an adult

no pain

no gain

I guess

You ought to call the Dentist %26amp; ask questions

If you don't trust him for some reason

Talk to another dentist %26amp; ask questions like you are thinking of having it done

Once I had a bad dry socket after a toothh removal

After 4 days of pain

I finally called the doctors office

What did I know

I had always heard that having teeth removed hurt like hell

%26amp; this one did

She informed me that I must have lots of tolerance for pain as the last time someone had one that bad she had to put him in the hospital

Myself I had always thought of myself as a coward when it came to pain

Everyone is different

so call
Reply:Yeah, they're just moving, which causes pain. Your teeth will probably go through phases where they really hurt, and then stop hurting. This is normal, so don't worry.
Reply:I am a dentist.

No, it is not normal. It us, unfortunately, common. Of course, it depends on what you mean by "all the time".

That "move faster" business is just plain false. More force cannot make teeth move faster. There is either enough force to make teeth move, or their isn't.

To understand why teeth hurt when you get braces, you need to know a little about dental anatomy. Teeth don't sit directly in the bone. They are supported by something called the periodontal ligament (PDL), which actually allows the tooth to flex a little. Compress this PDL, and like any other area of the body it will bruise and get sore. That's why your teeth will have a dull ache after the orthodontist adjusts your braces.

Teeth don't move because the braces are dragging them through the bone as you would drag a pole through water. Orthodontic movements occur because enough of a force is being applied to stimulate the bone to remodel around the tooth: bone is resorbed in front of the tooth, and bone is built-up behind the tooth as the tooth moves. This process requires just the right amount of force.

It is likely that your orthodontist has either recently tightened your braces, or that he has tightened them too much at the last visit and now too much force is being applied to the teeth, causing what is known as "undermining resorption", which is often painful. In either case, as the teeth move into their new positions, the force on the teeth will decrease, inflammation will decrease, and you'll be more comfortable.

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