Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two teeth's hurt after getting feelings done please help ! !--Im only 17?

About 2 weeks ago I went to the dentist to fix 2 of my deep feelings. Dentist told me that they were deep. Two of those teeth became really, really sensetive. Top tooth hurts everytime i drink cold water or when i drink hot water. Bottom one hurts sometimes when i drink cold water or someother reason. I wen't back to the dentist about 4 days ago to see whats going on. I told him everything and he just drilled off the silver stuff and put some white fillings on one of my teeth. The tooth with white stuff dosent feel cold water pain anymore but. Whenever i bread threw my noce while my mouth is closed it kinda hurts and then suddenly it goes away. My top one just hurts when ever something cold or hot touches it. What do u think is going on with 2 of my teeth ?? How long this really sensitive teeth problem last for ??

Im only 17 and i had cavities filled before so this the first time i have this type of problem, I also had a ruth cannal done once because i got shoot with a paintball

Two teeth's hurt after getting feelings done please help ! !--Im only 17?
It'll be hard to get an answer here on this. I would call the dentist and talk to him about it again. If you don't feel your dentist is being helpful enough go see a different specialist.

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