Saturday, May 15, 2010

My teeth hurt, what do you think it is?

My dentist fixed a hole in my tooth about a month ago and said it might hurt a bit since the hole was so deep. Now it hurts a lot, like a sharp pain, when i chew. It's the same with the same tooth on the opposite side of mouth. There was no hole in this tooth when I was at the dentist. What do you think it is? Will it go away?

My teeth hurt, what do you think it is?
I had a similar problem after having several teeth filled a few years. It turned out the problem was that my filled teeth were "hitting high", as the dentist put it. In plain English, the filled teeth were a bit OVERfilled and when I chewed, those teeth were getting a lot more pressure than the others. He levelled-off the fillings and the pain eventually went away.
Reply:Go to the dentist. None of us will be able to help you answer this question. Go to a professional.
Reply:It sounds like you have more cavities. =/
Reply:I would say you should go and have yourself check out by your dentist. If this has been going on for quite sometime say several weeks. If it just started yesterday try some softer brushes and more sensitive toothpaste for a couple weeks then see what happens.
Reply:Deep fillings are often sensitive for a few months after being filled because of the closeness to the nerve. Sometimes the tooth eventually settles down or sometimes it continues to get worse, the tooth gets angry from all the trauma, and a root canal may become necessary. However, sometimes just hitting a little too hard in one spot on that new filling can be just as painful. This may also be why the same tooth hurts on the other side, b/c your bite could have been thrown off, or it could be another cavity ( inbetween your teeth where you cant see it.) Go see your dentist and let him/her check it.
Reply:go for RCT if possible.

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